Damage Restoration Leads

LeadLocals.com delivers phone calls straight to your business line(s). We bring you hungry, local buyers that are looking for your damage restoration services right now.

We can bring you Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Damage Restoration leads.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (855) 906-4479 or sign up now to start getting more calls right away.

We Bring You Results You Want

Tired of the waiting game that comes with SEO? Not sure if your expensive ad-spend each month is actually worth all the time you’re spending on it, or the money you’ve paid someone else to spend on it? We get it and we’ve developed a new service.

Our pay per lead marketing service is designed to push your potential customers your way, right from their phone, giving you not just leads,  but CUSTOMER OPPORTUNITIES. They need your services but now they’re going to find you quicker and more often, without you paying outrageous PPC prices or waiting for months before your SEO efforts kick in (if they even do).

Here’s how it works:

  1. We forward phone calls to your company only (exclusive leads).
  2. Your company sets up the appointment.
  3. Your company sets the pricing/quote, does the work and gets paid. No commissions and no ‘piece of the profit’. It’s your lead, your job and your profit.
  4. High five. Celebrate. Get more leads, profit more.

It’s really that simple!

You pay only for valid phone calls. Calls are recorded for quality and validation purposes. Any calls under 30 seconds, marketers/spam, wrong number, etc. will be removed upon request. You will not pay for calls that are not looking for your services.

When calls are made to your phone you use your pricing/fees. We do not take a percentage or commission, nor do we send these calls to other businesses. They are exclusive to your company. You only pay a fee for the valid phone calls.

You can pause or cancel your campaign(s) at any time to ensure you’re not getting billed while your business is closed.

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • We don’t make sales for you
  • We cannot promise you that you will close all calls
  • We cannot remove calls just because you didn’t get the job/close the sale/make the appointment

Because of the above we have set the prices low enough for you to make a positive ROI as long as you are answering every call.

Here’s what we need from all of our partners:

  • You need to be a legit business
  • You must be friendly and helpful towards your customers
  • You must be insured
  • You must have a dedicated person to answer all calls

The above points are important to us as we want to provide the best and most safe experience for those who call our trusted partners. Without a dedicated person, or a system in place, to handle all calls you will miss calls that will help make your company more money.